Harlow's Hope - Paying it forward one smile at a time.

When Harlow was born we were told she wasn't going to make it thru birth and if she did she may not make it out of the NICU. They told us the worst of the worst and how she would never become much of anything:  Never learn how to eat on her own, She would be blind and Deaf, She would never walk or talk and be confined to a chair and the list went on. For Harlow those were pretty large walls they built for her to climb over. Well climbing is what she did. From day one she has pushed and pushed forward to prove Doctors wrong. She has beat everything the drs said she couldn't do so far, With the top of the list being that she is still alive and thriving. She may not be where she is supposed to be but man does she have one hell of an attitude. She continues to surprise us daily and give us strength that we didn't know we had. She is the definition of Hope and she spreads it around like confetti. Harlow, being a magical rare unicorn, she is able to inspire others by just living and continuing to prove everyone wrong..in a good way! Harlow makes her own path and doesn't care what the statistics are. Man do we have our hands full with this little spicy jalapeño! She made it one whole year! We will keep helping her beat the odds and be her number one cheerleaders.

For Harlow's first birthday we have decided to do things a little bit different, What isn't different about our world with Harlow, right? Instead of Harlow getting a bunch of presents she won't really be able to use any time soon, Why not share with other kiddos? So we decided to get in touch with the hospital she has spent most of her life at, Kaiser of Anaheim, and City Of Hope. We also decided for this particular Pay it Forward to focus on the Cancer Kiddos. After all we have been thru I've come across so many moms with kids with cancer and it breaks my heart to see these kids go thru so much at such a young age. 
The hospitals gave us a list of things they need. See below on how to help donate.

Heres How!

Amazon - We have made a "Baby Registry" For you to be able to choose toys and other goodies. The link is 

Mail - If you are out and about and you see something you think would be awesome to give you are more then welcome to! 

Some of the things they said they need are
- Gift Cards ( for new patients coming from other states to get odds and ends.. Target, Walmart Ect)
- Dolls for little girls
- Make up and nail polish for little girls
- Age 13 and up pjs
- Fleece Blankets
- Head Phones, Charging cords
- Card Games
- Princess wands
- Dress up costumes ( Hats, Capes ect. Try to avoid stuff needing to be pulled over the head)
- Storage boxes 2x2 , 4x4 (wardrobe box)
- Pg Movies

The address to send the gifts to is : 

1864 Chesapeake Way
Corona CA 92880

Please address it attention
"Harlow's Hope"
As well as a name and state to attach to the present so the kids know where it came from.

Any questions please Email me at hopeforharloww@gmail.com (yes there is two ww's)

Thank you all SO much for your support and love to help give hope to others!!

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