Please stop drinking the hateraid

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ahhh hello my fellow mamas n woman who love my little fam bam.. looks like I have to come on here to chat with you all from now on.. so I get it I shouldn’t let some pathetic person get to me with their mean ramblings when they clearly have something else going on in there lives that they decided to take out on little ol me.. except easier said then done.. the first could emails I ever received before harlow got all her friends I shrugged off simply because I thought it was well.. annoying that someone would take the time to be mean for no reason at all.. but the more I let people in to my life the worse the emails that I did get got.. I’m just a regular girl with regular problems with regular mistakes because I’m still learning like the rest of us. But my biggest pet peeve is not being able to defend myself. What’s worse is all I’m doing is trying to help woman out and let them know they are not alone on topics that some are scared to voice.. you would think people wouldn’t be able to find anything to bitch about with that ohhhhh but they do they do.. some of the things they said I laugh off like oh if you only knew but some of the things were extremely hurtful.. for instance who ever it was said I did the donations for harlows birthday to keep all the stuff... ok so your telling me... I went out made a fake registry to request 10 baby dolls, stickers, card games, kid costumes ect alllllll to then keep them for myself ... wtf could I possibly need those items for... HARLOW CAN EVEN HOLD SOMETHING FOR LONGER THEN 5 SECONDS... so yes you caught me that’s exactly what I did... good lord ..the other thing that got under my skin was they dug in to me about my financials.. this urked me pretty bad simply because no one knows about other people’s money it’s like when you vote you just don’t ask but they said I went and took the money from the go fund me mind you while harlow was in the Nicu and they her first 2 hospital stays and bought my self a new car... oh I did did I? That’s interesting where is this said car? We got a car to accommodate harlow and all of her possible therapy accessories and if she needs a wheel chair the same month she was born so we didn’t even have the money at that point.. they had threaten to call her new ciro dr and tell them we don’t need any help we can pay for it on our own .. yea I’m sure we would figure it out I never asked for the help they wanted to help us because THATS WHAT KIND PEOPLE DO they also said they would call the state and tell them we committed fraud... lol you do that let me know how it goes me and Bobby don’t have any help we pay for insurance just like everyone else and we pay for harlows as well ... Medici-cal covers her disability assistance.. and we don’t get a monthly check to help us out it’s just us..these are just some of the things that were said that are so far off being called ugly or saying the clothing I make are knock offs I mean it’s annoying yes but do I care .. no .. go on Etsy I promise you will find 40 other “ knock offs” woman will do what they can to help their families and that’s just that we make items to sell because it’s all we can do when we can’t go back to work I have harlows shop to help our family since I can’t go back to work it helps with diapers , whipes and baby food and clothes we don’t get assistance with that sorta thing no food stamps here..oh also apperantly harlow isn’t really “ that disabled” not sure what that means ..harlows week looks like this...
Monday saved for doctors appointments 
Tuesday therapy in the morning at home then ciro 40 minuets away
Wednesday therapy in the morning 20 minuets away
Thursday therapy in the morning at home ciro in the afternoon 40 minutes away
Friday... you guessed it therapy 20 minuets away

Thats just your basic week it’s usually changing every week with a drs appointment they couldn’t fit on a Monday 

So this is what I mean by not being able to defend my self it’s not fair when people assume they know you and think they have the right to bash you I put my self out there to help and for the most part I feel like I have been able to help others get thru hard times just as much as others have helped me but it’s people like these assholes who can type all this mean stuff from a fake name that ruin it for everyone . So that’s why I decided to put it on here the good the bad and the ugly of the journey we’re on. I hope who ever wrote me that email reads this and reads how far off they were and how you can assume all you want but being a bully is a ugly life to live and I highly suggest you find somthing better to do.. as for all my lovers that genuinely care I will do my best to share as much as I can that I feel I can’t get hurt by but of you have a seriously personal thing your going thru and you feel we have gone thru it please please please email me I am always here to help and be a shoulder to lean on 🖤


  1. Hope you come back or start your youtube channel maybe you can make that private and only post the link on your new instagram or this blog so not as many people can see. You can also do live videos on youtube! Hope you go back to doing lives as we loved watching. Much love to harlow and your family

  2. I'm sorry you have to deal with assholes like this. Thank you for being open and honest. I look forward to your updates daily. You and Harlow have helped me with my daughters struggles as well. Your strength is contagious. I'm so glad you can keep us updated on your blog and a big SCREW YOU to the jerk that forced you to doubt yourself for one second. You can't please them all. Just imagine the hate mail the Kardashians must get lol. When you have a sphere of influence as large as you do you are bound to get a weirdo in there ruining it for everyone. Hope you get some sleep tonight!!!.

  3. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. I am so surprised sometimes a the hate in this world. How people these days hide behind a screen name or fake email and shit on people who are just being real, helping others, and sharing their lives. Hearing what they wrote made me sick to my stomach, and so angry...and it's not even about me! It reminds me of when I was bullied in middle school, and I know you were too. At least then you knew who it was, although I never had the nerve to stand up to them then. This IS bullying, except now it's an adult, which makes it even worse. And they are cowards for hiding. Would love to delve into their lives to see how "perfect" they are. I don't blame you in the least. Yes I will really miss you guys, but you don't need this crap on top of everything else. Maybe someday tjings will change, but YOU have to do what you feel is right, period. They are so off base , and what they said were obvious lies. For every nasty person or email, remember there are SO mamy more of us that know your heart, and know what you are really about. You are simply a Mom doing the very best she can, supporting her family with her gift of creativity. Your shop os amazing. Do they not see that you are up late into the night finishing orders?? Would you be doing that if you had tons of money to throw around? No! I have been off work for over a year due to medical reasons, and we are struggling to get by on my husbands salary... not only did you guys lose your salary, you have Sweet Harlow and EVERYTHING that goes with caring for and supporting her! People have no idea. How dare someone question that. Walk a mile in your shoes and they would be begging for mercy! I know it doesn't take away their hurtful words, but know those of us who are true followers and have been there from the beginning think the world of you and Bobby, you are an amazing person, Momma, and wife. No asshole can take that away. Please take care of you, take time to nourish your body and spirit. Big hugs to you 3! -Katherine <3

  4. Awww. This sucks so bad. I and everyone else that loves miss Harlow and your family knows you are such an amazing momma. You only want the best and I get it. It really blows my mind that somebody can be so negative about something so precious. Straight ignoranceon their part. You are always such an inspiration. You and Bobby's strong and down-to-earth personality made this journey of Harlow's so amazing to follow. Harlow is lucky to have you guys as parents and do not ever let anybody else tell you otherwise. Hope to see and read more Miss Harley's Journey and this next chapter. Love for Harlow. Stay strong and positive. ����������

  5. Wow. That blows my mind. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times but obviously the people that make comments like that don’t actually follow your story and pay attention. They couldn’t be further off. I’ve followed you for a while now and I look forward to your posts. To see how far Harlow has come. It’s so sad to me that people can be so mean. And for what reason? What do they get out of it? I don’t get why if they didn’t like your story or had a bad impression about you, however wrong it is, they wouldn’t just stop following your life?!? And like you said, the fact that they use a fake email address. Seems like a lot of work to be so damn rude. I totally understand why you’re pulling back with personal things, I think we all do. But just know that there are a million times more people that care about your family and love seeing your posts than the few that choose to be so mean. Harlow is an amazing, adorable and courageous little girl that gives hope to so many people, people that need it. And you and Bobby are amazing parents. You do amazing things for other people and if a couple asshole people get the wrong idea or need to turn it into something negative to make themselves feel better, screw them. Seriously. Harlow’s gang has your back always. Stay strong and keep being you! You’re amazing ❤️


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