Just keep swimming

Monday, July 3, 2017

Ah so per usual I suck and writing blogs this is why I am not a blogger I would have been fired long ago if I did this for a living lol... but I seriously never get a moment to just sit and write anymore I used to love to go to barns and nobles and just write (I have attempted writing 3 books now) all of which I never finished can you believe it?! I can lol it's not that I don't finish what I start even tho that is exactly how it sounds it's just I get stuck or side tracked and it dosnt seem that important yada yada yada but this however is very important to me so I should be better at it butttttt I'm not lol as you have all learned by now I have a slight issue with always being in a rush I haven't figured out if that's me or the coffee at this point lol but I'm writing now so let's get started shall we?? Harlow had her first real real pool encounter today she's dipped her toes in before but today she went all the way passed her belly which is huge because one she hates water and two she hasn't been fully submerged since before her gtube! So it was really cool to do somthing normal for a change not tip toeing around the damn tube like always. So yea she hated it but towards the end I really noticed that she was starting to come arround to the idea but then started having some infant spazzums sooooo that could mean the water was to stimulating or it was just to much for her to comprehend at the time ether way I will not give up because one you can't not like the pool and two swimming is amazing for therapy of course if it continues I'll never force her to do somthing she's not comfortable with but we gotta give it a solid try. Other then that we have a good feeding routine going thank god no more wake up every two hours to start or stop the pump now we feed thru the day and let her tell us at night when she's hungry and trust me she lets us know if she is but so far so good about 5-6 hours a night of sleep and that is huge for all you mamas out there you know what I mean lol let's seeeee I really don't think I have anything else I mean I know I could give more details hut in all honesty I'm super tired lol night guys 🦄🖤


  1. So happy you got to try the pool!! Boo thay she didnt immediately love it, but hopefully soon she will!! You live in paradise (compared to Missouri, lol) where she can enjoy it year round. And kudos to you Momma for keeping her oral feeding up! So awesome when you are able to do it, and it looks like ahe liked the sweet stuff...girl adter my own heart there! Thank you for always keeping her Harlow Gang updated, I'm sure some days it has been really really hard, but you have been so awesome. And like many she is the first I check on when I get on IG, and she has become an important part of my day! Hope you all have a wonderful 4th! Oh and I can totally see you turning this experience into a best selling book, you rock at this!! - Katherine

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